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Product Care Instructions

Here are Care Instructions for some of our products, if you have a question about caring or usage for anything that's not listed here -- just email me atsueallemand@gmail.com or fill out the Contact Us form!  I'll be happy to help if I can!


Each pendant is hand-soldered with lead-free solder with silver content.  If your pendant becomes tarnished, you can clean it with a soft cloth & some metal polish.  I use Blue Magic paste which can be found at an auto supply store.  Brush a little paste on...let it sit for a few minutes...then buff it off with a soft cloth!


Your pendants come with a 24" Silver Plated Ballchain.  You can change it to any size you want by cutting the end without the "clasp" to whatever length you desire.  You can even make it into a bracelet if you wish!  Just cut the end, right next to a ball.  And clasp it into the other end as normal.


We suggest our tshirts be washed inside out, to keep the design from getting excessive wear.  They can be washed and dried as normal.  The shirts we use are hand-dyed - so there may be some bleeding during the wash - but they have been washed after the dying process so the bleeding should be minimal - if any.


To apply:  1.  Clean vehicle surface well.  If you are applying your decal to your car window, it is best that you remove all Rain-X if any, before applying your decal.  It is suggested that you apply your decal in temperatures of at least 60 degrees.

2.  Position your decal where you would like it to be applied.  You may need to measure to make sure that it is centered correctly.

3.  Tape along the top edge of the decal, to the surface, with the masking tape.  (half on the paper-side of the sticker, half on the surface)

4.  Lift the decal up (swinging it up 180 degrees, using the tape as a "hinge") and begin peeling the backing off.  Starting at the top where it is taped to the surface and pulling it off towards you.  Be sure to watch out so that the decal lettering does not come off with the backing paper.  If it does, work backwards and try peeling it at a sharper angle.

5.  Use a squeegee or credit card, to rub back and forth across the decal (while the transfer tape is still covering it).  This will help insure the decal will stay on its surface while you peel up the transfer tape.

6.  Slowly peel up the transfer tape.  Make sure none of the decal peels up with it.  If it does, work backwards and try peeling the tape off at a sharper angle.


To stand:  Untape the dowel piece from the back of the art and insert in the hole.  It should fit fairly snugly...if not, just add a dab of glue inside the hole and put dowel in.  Let dry before standing up.

To clean:  Wipe with a dry cloth.

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