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 Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to A Joyful Soul...our shop filled with everything fun, uplifting and inspiring!  Whether you want to CHOOSE JOY or SPREAD JOY -- you'll find lots of original products on our pages!

I've been in the art and publishing worlds and designing projects for books, magazines, and print publications for over 24 years ~ as well as licensing my designs for the gift, rubberstamp, button and art print industries. 

And now - with A Joyful Soul, I'm making an effort to bring positive thoughts and energy, hopefulness, inspiration and joy to my customers through fun art, jewelry, and gift products!  I want everyone to have the wonderful, happy life of their dreams!  No matter what struggles you face, I hope you always find the breathing space to smell the roses ~ enjoy the day ~ be kind to one another ~think positive~ be grateful for the gifts you have~dream big ~ and make the most of your life!

CHOOSE JOY!  BE HAPPY!  Live a Happy Life!


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